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BSoD no more.

2012-04-02 16:20:38 by DJB3lfry

Yeah, I just recently had a multitude of computer problems, all of them leading to the inevitable wipe of my system. I've everything up and running again, but I don't know when I'll get back into the swing of things. (although, I hope to get a new song made soon)

Anywho, keep it real

New song in the works

2012-02-22 01:08:26 by DJB3lfry

I'm not sure if anyone ever sees these, but what the hell, I'll update them anyways. I haven't put out a song in a bit, but don't fret. I'm currently working on an experimental one, and I'm pretty sure y'all will like it :D

...... That is all


2012-01-17 02:05:59 by DJB3lfry

Ugh, I went through all the trouble of trying to install a damned commodore 64 vst into fruity loops, but it turned out to be a virus....... Thank goodness norton is worth something nowadays.

If anyone happens to read this, and feels like commenting, would you care to recommend an 8-bit vst for FL studio? Preferably one that will not hurt my computer.

8-bit drums? Buck yeah.

2012-01-13 01:23:29 by DJB3lfry

This isn't really a groundbreaking update, I just felt like saying that I figured out how to make 8-bit drums without having to download an 8-bit plugin for FL.

Who needs pre-rendered drums when you can make them yourself? Not this guy :D

Just in case anyone wants to find me on facebook or youtube, I'll post some links below. Also, I'm working on yet another song, but it won't be out until after christmas, due to the fact that I'm making a christmas CD as a present for some people....

If anyone wants to follow me on facebook, go here: y/251525701574791

As for youtube, go here:

Merry Christmas!